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Mohon perhatian. Alamat Sinergi TEUB yang semula: diganti menjadi Terima Kasih.

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JADWAL KONSULTASI KRS, ENTRI KRS DI SINERGI, PENDAFTARAN PRAKTIKUM DAN JADWAL PERKULIAHAN & UJIAN AKHIR SEMESTER GENAP 2009/2010   1)      Jadwal konsultasi KRS dengan Dosen PA dimulai tanggal 1 – 12 Pebruari 2010 2)      Jadwal entri KRS pada Sinergi 4 – 9 Pebruari 2010 3)      Jadwal batal tambah KRS online (Sinergi) 10 – 12 Pebruari […]

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Electrica Awards is an international innovation contest organized by AREVA T&D, one of the top three global players in the transmission and distribution of electricity. At the core of our strategy is innovation, and we believe you have brilliant, innovative, value-adding ideas – ideas that are real innovations! The Competition consist of 3 challenging themes […]

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Sehubungan dari Himbauan dari Jurusan TEUB Alamat Sinergi TEUB berganti dari semula: menjadi harap menjadi perhatian.Terima Kasih

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