Accreditation Status

The accreditation status of a tertiary institution is a reflection of the performance of the tertiary institution concerned and describes the quality, efficiency and relevance of the study program being held.

Currently there are two types of accreditation given by the government to study programs in higher education, namely:

  1. Registered, Recognized, or Equivalent Status given to Private Universities
  2. Accredited or Non-Accredited status given to all tertiary institutions (State Universities, Private Universities, and Official Universities).

Because there are two accreditation statuses that are both still valid, currently there are private universities that hold both for their study programs. This happened because the process of granting accreditation status was carried out through two different routes after the formation of the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT). Previously, status determination was based on the Director General of Higher Education’s SE No. 470/D/T/1996.

Then the government determined that the implementation of accreditation for a PTS/PTS Unit, as long as it has never been evaluated (accredited) by or through BAN-PT, will still be carried out based on the regulations above, but if a PTS/PTS Unit has been evaluated (accredited) by or through BAN-PT, then the implementation of accreditation for the PTS concerned is carried out based on the criteria or Accreditation Form from BAN-PT.

To better understand the meaning of the two types of accreditation status, it is necessary to look at the status given before the existence of BAN-PT and the difference with the accreditation status given after the existence of BAN-PT.

Higher Education Accreditation Scores and Rankings



less than 200 NA
200 – 300 C
301 – 360 B
361 – 400 A


Considering that the number of tertiary institutions being targeted is currently more than 3,000, as well as the form and variety of educational programs provided, tertiary accreditation is carried out in stages and continuously. The implementation of higher education accreditation by BAN-PT begins with conducting trials at several universities that organize one study program. Furthermore, it is carried out periodically, gradually and continuously.

2012-2017 Accreditation Certificate:

2017-2022 Accreditation Certificate :

2022-2027 Accreditation Certificate :