Field Work Practices (PKL) must be carried out by students of the Electrical Engineering Study Program to gain direct experience in industry or the field.

MBKM courses can be equated with mandatory courses or study program elective courses that have equivalent content, load and expected learning outcomes. The number of credits in MBKM is adjusted to the number of credits in compulsory courses or elective courses in the Study Program so that at graduation the minimum is 144 credits.

When taking courses outside the Study Program, students are required to consult with the compartment head lecturer and pay attention to courses that are equivalent to the activities being taken.

Students undertaking the MBKM program must first consult with the academic supervisor, compartment head lecturer or study program head regarding the MBKM program they will be taking and discuss the conversion courses.

The following is the link for Field Work Practice (PKL) services:

1. PKL Submission Form –> here