“To become an undergraduate electrical engineering educational institution that is innovative, collaborative, internationally competitive, and capable of playing an active role in nation building through the process of education, research and community service.”


  1. Implementing an education system that produces competent graduates in the field of Electrical Engineering.
  2. Developing science and technology.
  3. Applying science and technology that is beneficial to society


Producing electrical engineering graduates who:

  1. Competent in the field of study and application of electrical technology
  2. Able to act effectively as a member and leader in multi-disciplinary groups,
  3. Able to develop their knowledge and skills after graduating from education.


“Do the best with spirit and integrity”

Kredo Department

Kredo Department of Electrical Engineering Brawijaya University’s, which are the basic principles in carrying out the Tri Dharma of Higher Education activities, are:

  1. Godliness and piety.
  2. Moral ethics, justice, honesty, wisdom and the best devotion.
  3. Excellence, creativity, innovation, dynamics and efficiency.
  4. Pioneering, independence and responsibility. Strategic Plan for the Department of Electrical Engineering, Brawijaya University
  5. Openness, humanity, national and international insight.