For students who will carry out Proposal Examinations, Research Results Seminars and Thesis Examinations during the Covid-19 Pandemic online, you can pay attention to the registration flow as follows.

Initial Preparation

  1. For students who do not yet have an examining lecturer, they are expected to fill in the examiner application form first before consulting on the implementation of the exam. Examiners will be determined by the Head of the Masters Program (KPS). After determining the examiner for the student, the PMTE Admin will inform the student concerned.
  2. PMTE Admin provides a Tentative Schedule for Exam Implementation.
  3. Students consult and ask for approval from the thesis supervisor and examiner regarding the time for the exam (the supervisor and examiner agree on the specified day and time). Students can capture evidence of conversations with lecturers' approval (via email/whatsapp application/line) to be uploaded to Google Form in one PDF format file.
  4. If the exam schedule has been agreed and approved, students register for the exam via Google Form and complete the existing requirements. (if there are exam requirements that are not met, the student will be contacted by the PMTE admin)
  5. After the complete exam requirements have been uploaded and checked by the PMTE Admin, the exam schedule will be informed to KPS.
  6. PMTE Admin processes the invitation and hands it over to the student. Students send via email or WhatsApp application the exam notification invitation file, exam script (Powerpoint and PDF format script and presentation video (if needed)).
  7. The exam link will be set on the Google calendar which is linked to the email account entered during exam registration (try to use a UB account)


  1. The exam is carried out online (can use Google Meet or Zoom meeting). (Presentation/does not depend on agreement with the supervisor and examiner (if students do not make a presentation they are required to provide a video recording of the presentation submitted before the exam, questions and answers and assessment).
  2. Supervisors and examiners test students and fill out assessment and suggestion forms (the form will be sent via the WhatsApp application). After the exam is complete, the examining lecturer sends the assessment file and suggestions to Supervisor 1/PMTE admin.
  3. After carrying out the thesis examination, the chairman of the supervisory commission can send the assessment files and suggestions from all examiners to the PMTE Admin.
  4. Advice from supervisors and examiners is given to students via the WhatsApp application by the PMTE Admin immediately after the exam files are submitted by Supervisor 1.
  5. Especially for thesis exams, the PMTE admin will inform you of the Proposal Exam and Seminar Results of Thesis Research scores for the purpose of filling in the final Thesis score.

For students who do not yet have an examiner, please fill out the examiner application form first at the following link.

Thesis Examiner Submission Form

Online Registration Links for Proposal Examinations, Research Results Seminars and Thesis Examinations are as follows.

Registration Form for Proposal Seminar Examinations, Results Seminars and Thesis Examinations